The Challenge - Underwater

A new round has begun for The Challenge for Builders and this month's theme is Underwater.  More notes below...

TheChallenge1+WhatNext 1024

The Challenge Underwater Collage 1024

Cleo Design - Bathng Underwater
[includes: sink/vanity, shelves/cabinets, towel rack, rug, all accessories, shower, toilet, aquarium & submarine bed]
hate this - tc underwater pillow pals
[super cute pillows! includes octopus, shell & fish skeleton mesh pillows. copy/mod]

{what next} - Beach Hut Clock - Beachcombers Hunt Gift
[I didn't get this posted in time not sure if it will be available at the store :/ It's from a past event] Cleo Design - porch cushion
[from california bungalow challenge last month. texture change]