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The Home & Garden Expo is going full swing and at last look...over L$4 million has been raised. \o/  All of the home/garden items (except path) below are RFL exclusives with proceeds going to benefit Relay for Life-American Cancer Society.  Please visit the Home & Garden Expo site (link below) for complete information on hunt, raffle & entertainment schedule.

Zodiac Gemini also started last week and Somnia has this cute floral top for this rotation which runs until June 18.

H&GExpo2 Cottage

H&GExpo2 Collage

By Dorian - Hope Cottage - Expo Edition *Home Expo Sim 4*
[has entryway, 1 bedroom, livingroom, kitchen, railed back porch & switch to turn on/off porch light]
By Dorian - Hope Patio Swing Expo Edition
[includes single & couple poses]
Forest Feast - sweet memory tree_A S, M & L *Home Expo Sim 4*
[are the yellow trees around the cottage...are color change via touch & includes various sizes/shapes]
Forest Feast - spring field grass(L) purple
[includes 3 sizes and have used all 3 on ground & base of birdhouse]
Forest Feast - Wild Rose purple
[floral bushes shown at cottage doorway, outer corners & by swing]
Forest Feast - old rose which accompanies A purple
Forest Feast - old rose which accompanies B purple
[2 shapes A& B shown as vine on swing and next to yellow tree]
Forest Feast - Sylvains A  Moss_Yellow
[shown just behind swing...is color change via touch & includes various sizes]
Forest Feast - old rose Trellis pole purple
[hunt prize show in front of fireplace chimney]
The Domineaux Effect - Picket Fence Archway & Picket Fence *Home Expo Sim 3*
[includes arch, fence & posts separately.  copy/mod]
Meadow Works - Fancy Schmancy Fleurs *Home Expo Sim 3*
[has butterfly emitter]
Azrah Fantasy Pets - Meowlit Shoulder Pet *Breedables Fair 2 Sim*

Somnia Floral Double Intensity Red *ZODIAC GEMINI*
[pack of 8 colors]
TuttiFrutti - Candy Capri Legging Linen Rare
[new gatcha prizes in store]

Other credits:
Truth -  Crys Espresso
J's - FlipFlap (12colors)
aDORKable Poses - Lean II 5v2m
Antique Artistry - Beauty worn stone path