Remember the days when your mother was yelling at you to turn the tv off and go out to play or get off the phone she wants to use it.  Doesn't seem that long ago does it?  I remember we use to have so many types of phones, my mother was a telephone operator for Ma Bell .....pulling those cords in and out of the board to connect people to different lines....yeah...yeah...I'm old. lol  But I had rotary phones just like these.  I use to play pack man too on the old arcade game...I can hear the music now....and of course we use to zone out on TV on the weekends watching Sunday morning Shirley Temple movies and in the evening the weekly Disney movie.  Those were the days....I can hear Edith and Archie singing it now...
Pink Outfitters - Jenny Strapless Red  [also available in dark and light blue]
Delusions - Fiercely Independent Eyes Jealousy Eyes R [includes: regular eyes and mesh eyes in 6 colors]
Delusions - Fiercely Independent Eyes Suspicious Eyes L
Lassitude & Ennui Scorpio Key Necklace Gold/Red [available in silver & gold with 3 colors of, purple & red]
Cheeky Pea - OmNom Chair [texture change, single, kid & couple animations]

%Percent Furniture - Telephone Shelf *GIVING THANKS HUNT-NOV 1-30* [phone does NOT ring on touch, but the notepad's top page changes textures randomly every 24 hours]
%Percent Furniture - Telephone Round & Telephone Flat  [all colors available are shown in the pic :) (12 colors) and both have "click to ring" and "no ring" versions. The flat orange version is currently a FREE Subscriber's Gift]
%Percent Furniture - Small Enamel Cabinet [This one is the smallest of a four piece set. includes w/3 shadow versions included - floor & wall shadows, floor shadow only, and no shadow]
Other Credits *Store SLurl Page* *Furniture:Homes:Pose Shops Page*
TuttiFrutti - Let's Go Mesh Skinny Jeans [past event: My Attic - but should be available at mainstore...these are groovy!]
Wasabi Pills - Annette Mesh Hair Black Coffee
Slink - Womens Medium Height Barefeet (Rigged)
LISP - Vintage TV [left knob tex change, right knob tv channels]
(NO) - Doll Head Vase Vintage [past event: Arcade]
what next - forever Garden small pot plant