Leaves are Fallin'

Leaves are Fallin' is today's theme for SL Bloggers Support Inspire Me Initiative...so I took a break from blogging and nested yesterday to prepare since it's is my favorite time of year.  So...started with this Mudhoney house so warm and inviting perfect for this time of year when all is comfy cozy.  Then...I saw this bedroom set by Cheeky Pea at Collabor88...and the wheels started turning for my perfect hideaway. :)

I love early mornings [or sunset]...sitting outside reading, drinking coffee [sunset is good for hot chocolate :)], nibbling on sweet goodies and hangin' out with my bud Winkie [the owl...when he blinks only one eye shuts thus the name]...breathing in the fresh air.  I'm in heaven here :)

Now for obvious reasons...there is a lot to list so I will not link the LMs but most are located above in the store SLurl pages or affiliate list to the side for the clothing items.

Leaves are Fallin’
Censored - Milane Dress *60 MESH ATELIER* [2 prints available this and flower]
Riddle - Cozy Tights Brown #4
Maitreya - Scrunched PrimSocks
Vanity Hair - Cuchi-Cuchi Soil

Leaves are Fallin’ 2
Top & Bottom Photo [back to front]:
Cheeky Pea (:CP:) -  Sweetwater Room (PG) *COLLABOR88*
:CP: Sweetwater Whitewashed Bed (PG)
:CP: Sweetwater Console Table
:CP: Sweetwater Rug
[Adult version also available & comes many pieces including an adobe style building. You can see full set on Cheeky Peas Flickr]
Cheeky Pea - Dandelion Coffee Tray
MudHoney - Evelyn Table Lamp
MudHoney - Golden Apple Orchard Candle
Scarlet Creative - Milan Candle Medium & Small
The Loft - Antique W&W Rug 2
LISP - Spring Words Coffee Table
LISP - HodgePodge Chair left (Texture Change)
UrbanizeD - Mini Garden Dino Egg Neutral
UrbanizeD - Dressoir Compress Masai II
UrbanizeD - Mini Garden Zennn E Masai II
Zinnia's - sculpted Green Tropical plant
Zinnia's - Prickly Pear cactus
Bahia Tiki - Bowl of Apples

Center [back to front]:
MudHoney Holiday Cabin [past Spruce Up Your Space item but still available at mainstore]
:CP: Sweetwater Bench Sky
:CP: Sweetwater Vase - Sky
:CP: Sweetwater Vase - Blush
:CP: Sweetwater Vase - Tan
%Percent Furniture - MasonJar BrownLg Closed [Past Subscriber Gift]
%MasonJar-Blue Short Open
%MasonJar-GreenThin Open
Zigana - Table .s
SQ Painted Desert Rug with Fringe
New Trails - Autumn Oak groundcover m&t
UrbanizeD - Mini Garden Zennn A Neutral
what next - Autumn PorchTable
Turnip's Orange Mosaic Pots (group1)
:CP: Sweetwater Cacti Terrarium
Milano Style - Kilim floor sofa 4 & sofa 6
2Xtreme - flying 0wl v3.0
what next - Autumn Porch Firepit

AB - Afternoon Rocking Chair [store closed-no longer available]
AB - Cape Cod Dock [store closed-no longer available]
Ducks - [had these forever & no shop name on the item or folder...it's called duck box :/]