The Cocoon

"True transformation occurs only when we can look at ourselves squarely and face our attachments and inner demons, free from the buzz of commercial distraction and false social realities.  We have to retreat into our own cocoons and come face-to-face with who we are.   We have to turn toward our own inner darkness.   For only by abandoning its attachments and facing the darkness does the caterpillar's body begin to spread out and its light, beautiful wings begin to form." -Julia Butterfly Hill

I love the quote and this pic portrays emergence from the cocoon...the hat (cocoon), skin (beauty/innocence), jacket (wings), butterfly (freedom), eyes/gem eyebrows (light), red (happiness/love), pose (basking before taking flight). 

I love the freedom my blog brings and after emerging from all that is left to blog...I'm at peace that I will not get to it I gathered some of the latest items that I love and you see the result. :)

LpD Skins - Porcelain Doll Lipstick+Blush *THE COUTURIER'S DOCKS* [The skin has a beautiful shimmer. Includes: eyes (not shown), plain version-with/without blush or nipples & lipstick version-with/without blush or nipples. ONLY 35 available]
Zibska - Samique Hat [love this hat! color change hat separate from accent ruffle]
Adorkable Poses - Provacative 5 *ZODIAC SCORPIO*  [5 poses+mirrored]
Finesmith - Mind Eye Decor b&w [beautiful gem eyebrows.....available in 7 colors]
Vero Modero - Fur Feather Coat

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Truth - Monday Ivory [sold in all color pack only]
Ikon - Kaleido Eyes Molten [these are fantastic eyes]

Other Credits: *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Epic - Butterfly Buddie Rainbow
Damned - Selene Eyelashes