A New Journey

Well I'm on to new adventures...the dear Miss Blueberry asked me to help manage her store and l accepted.  I'm leaving a few things behind to have more time to work with her...but now my focus will be more on photography/blogging than modeling. So today's pic is dedicated to my new journey...I'm excited to take that road ahead!
Blueberry Lina NenaPant 1024cg
Blueberry Lina - Mesh Leather Jacket Aqua
Blueberry Nena - Mesh Skinny Pants Beige

Other credits *please see store slurl page above*
Truth - Cyanne w/Roots Espresso
LaGyo - Zarema gloves Grounded
TokiD - flower belt - brown V2
Yummy - Floral Dangle Earrings Inked Color
Maitreya - Alexa Wedges Coffee
Adorkable Poses - Breezy 7


  1. Congratulations Cindy, I adore this look very much and am happy for you :)

    Oh and I want to see the video when it's ready :)

    <3 Evi

  2. Thank you so much Evi....I appreciate it! I will post the video to my flickr page for sure lol


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