ZombiePopcorn Brand & Hair Fair

Just chillin' by this cool new Lisp hot tub and chillin' in style wearing this groovy suit and Popsicle accessories from ZombiePopcorn Brand store.  The best news is they are all at great prices.

Added some more fun with this colorful hair available at the Hair Fair!  See notes below. :)
ZPBrand+Hair Fair
RezIpsa Loc  - Swimsuit Citrus [available in 2 colors citrus (shown) & watermelon]
Blah - Watermelon's Sweetness Necklace Long & Mouth Thingy [also includes a short version of the necklace]

*HAIR FAIR 2012*
Lamb - Wild at Heart Mesh Chewed Bubble Gum [5 styles available in all the usual colors]

LISP - Serenity Springs Hot Tub [Animations for friends, singles, PG couples. 3 types of water, steam, bubbles and woodburning heater options. Back wall has lanterns or bare bulb options. Tub also doubles as a fishing pond (pond water included)]
Yummy - Beachy Keen Shades Yellow [available in 3 colors, accented with cute little shells & pearls]

Glam Affair- Roza - Natural I'm Crazy Violet [includes 3 skins with different fun colors of eyebrows & makeup combinations] [note I've covered up with makeup but eyebrows and red line on bottom of eye are part of the skin.]

Other credits:
Para Designs - Oasis Color Light
Sugar - Mesh Macaron Ring Watermelon [past discount shop find]
Izzie's - Classic Nails L [color change hud]
Retro' - donut bracelet with strawberry [a freebie I picked up somewhere not sure if it is available]