Runs with Scissors

Sakide's Bitching tops are at the new Private Room rotation until Aug 6.  These are available in Black/White, Blue/Pink, Purple/Red with the following sayings:

- Bitch I'm awesome
- Don't be humble, you're not that great
- I hope Karma slaps you before I do
- I'm not bad, I'm much worse
- Muted!
- No Mercy
- Not your type
- Runs with scissors
- Your face makes my head hurt
- Your stupidity kills my braincells. Please STFU

See notes for additional items below.
Sakide+Hair Fair+One Voice
Sakide -  Runs with Scissors Top Red *PRIVATE ROOM*
Chandelle - Short Karen Black *ONE VOICE*
Analog Dog Hair - Issues Cacao *HAIR FAIR 2012*
AD Creations - Chest scissor & tattoo undershirt
Zibska - Ren Earrings
Para Designs - SyKaDeliK Color Medium Tattoo
Fallen Doll - Eye Scratch Scar Tattoo
Lithium Works - Scissor Wings
Kosh - No Alpha Lashes V4
Maitreya Gold - Bare Foot Tip Toe
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