Hope for Emilia 6 & Hair Fair

Legal Insanity has a great exclusive summer look that is available in 5 colors and I accessorized with Handverk's exclusive earrings.  Handverk also offers a bronze ring and a chair as exclusives.  When you purchase an exclusive item 100% of sales goes to the Hope for Emilia charity.

Sugarsmack has 3 styles available at the Hair Fair with each color pack having 5 colors with a percentage going to Wigs for Kids.

Hope for Emilia6+Hair Fair

Legal Insanity - Summer Love Blue [exclusive 5 colors available]
HANDverk - Hammered Metal Earrings Silver [exclusive]
HANDverk]Hammered Metal Ring Silver [sold at event but not exclusive BUT a bronze metal of this same ring is an exclusive :)]

*HAIR FAIR 2012* [HF LM Page]
SugarsmacK - Elan Brunette Babes/Coco Pudding [5 shades with hairbase included]
aDORKable Poses: My Hair Dork 9 [pack includes 10 poses with additional mirrored version]

Other credits: [Store LM Page]
Mandala - Milky Way E Bangle White
Belleza - Lily V1 SK 4