Hope for Emilia & Couturier's Docks

This super cute Dolls headpiece and earrings are exclusives for Hope for Emilia by hate me and eat me (h.m.a.e.m.).  100% of the funds will be donated to assist the citizens affected by the earthquakes in Emilia.

LpD has this wonderful makeup at the new rotation of Couturier's Docks.  Half price only during the event and only 35 copies will be sold.  It's been open a few days already so run!

Hope For Emilia h.m.a.e.m. + LpD
h.m.a.e.m. - Hope for Emilia - Dolls Earrings & Headpiece *HOPE FOR EMILIA* [LM provide on July 22]
LpD - MakeUp Gold Complete *THE COUTURIER'S DOCKS* [includes 3 tattoos, complete (shown), eyes only & lips only]
Glam Affair - Roza Natural I'm Crazy Blue *GALLERY GIFT SHOP* [includes 3 skins with different fun colors of eyebrows & makeup combinations] [note I've covered up with makeup but eyebrows and red line on bottom of eye are part of the skin.]
EMO-tions - Tizia darkbrown [hair base is included]
LaGyo - Pan collar Onyx