Hope for Emilia, Pink Ribbon Fair & Hair Fair

So many things going on...hope you take the time to visit these wonderful charity events and donate to these worthy causes.

Hope for Emilia VM
Vero Modero - Emilia Bikini *HOPE FOR EMILIA*
Sinfully - Pose Emilia3 (v) *HOPE FOR EMILIA*

Other credits: *STORE SURL PAGE*
Dura - Boys&Girls 21(Black)
Amorous - Samsara Bronze
Amorous - Sieben Earrings
Maitreya Gold - Bare Foot Tip-Toe

Vero Modero - Fairey Ribbon Gown *PINK RIBBON FAIR* [LM provided soon]
Chop Zuey - Mignonette Pk Bracelet, Choker & Earrings *HOPE FOR EMILIA*
Lamb - Falling Mesh Snickers *HAIR FAIR 2012*

Other credits: *STORE SURL PAGE*
Belleza - Lily V1 SK Lip 6
Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French Orange