Finesmith + Molichino

I was so happy when Finesmith released Scatterheart, a more formal jewelry style with the heart shape used on the men's pieces.  Its amazing as you can see.  The set is sold in 2 other colors, smokey & oxidized.

As I was trying to decide what to wear with Finesmith's Scatterheart...I saw the notice come through from Tropicalia Bazaar and thought this Molichino dress was perfect.

While I was at Tropicalia...Finesmith has the same heart on a ring in 2 finishes for 70L each! Of course I bought them both...I will post at another time they didn't fit this styling but they are very should head over and grab them while you can.


Finesmith Scatterheart Set *NEW*
Molichino Black Dress [includes the great belt] *TROPICALIA BAZAAR*
Baiastice Fashion Lipstick Red
Epoque Hair Brunch Queen Monochrome
Leezu Miss Tre`s GlovesRed