Azoury Ariel Back to Black Event

Chic Management's Back to Black Event will be held Feb 11 - 29, 2012, to bring awareness to mental health issues. For more information visit Chic's website

Designers were asked to make exclusive items for the event.  As soon as I saw Ariel by Azoury I was blown away by its natural earthy feel.  I'm a tactile person and I wanted to touch and feel the textures...they are amazing.

Other items from the event added are this really cool bag by Glow Studio.  Love the shape and spikes...goes perfectly with this dress as does the platform boot by Ladies Who Lunch.

You won't be dissappointed visiting this event...many amazing items...these are just my ultimate favs. I will post the LM when the event begins.
Azoury Back to Black Ariel

Azoury Ariel *Back to Black Event Opens Feb 11*
LWL Pretender Night Summit Brown Sole *Back to Black Event Opens Feb 11* [include 3 pair with different color strip on heel]
Glow Studio Spiked Around Bag Copper  *Back to Black Event Opens Feb 11* [3 colors available]
Nemesis Maneater Gloves Coffee *NEW - Store Gatcha*
Vanity Hair Lexington Soil
BeetleBones Nugget Earring Gold Champagne
Glam Affair Layla lipstick  Ginger Snap
Miamai BL Makeup Chod Collection Eyeshadow 01
La Malvada Mujer  Sibilla #3 Lips
Je Suis Apparence Lashes No.004