Boho Hobo & ZombiePopcorn!

OK...having some creative fun today....although its all fun...I don't normally go to the dark side lol

Boho Hobo has some great new items...jean jackets and belts!  This jacket in turquoise jacket is current group gift and they also have a purple paisley belt for 22L.  The shop was also revamped so head on over and check it out....this store is awesome and the proceeds go to RAWA (the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan)...their work inside Afghanistan consists mainly of support to female victims of war and atrocities committed by belligerent groups.  You can find more information about this at the store.

I've added items from the ZombiePopcorn Brand shop & hunt...great stuff!

BohoHobo ZP

BoHo HoBo jean jacket grunge *NEW*
BoHo HoBo wide studded belt (black) *NEW*

Pididdle Cosmetics Eyecolor Romance Blue
Kosh Infinity Bracelet

ZP HUNT [link to list]
LC Hearts In Sequins Pinkish
PMD My Broken Heart Lips
A&M Maiko Doll Only Love Lips
Pocket Mirrors Elvira Ponytail Black
Evale Pleated Skirt - Plaid
Izzie's Glitter Nails
Insanya Zombie Popcorn Hunt - Skin
Repulse Living Dead Blind Eyes Large
Pididdle Gawdy Ring Set

VMC Toxic Outfit Pants *NEW*
Fanatik My Gold Boho Ring Purple *NEW* [several colors come in the pack]
Kosh Mic Bracelet [texture change]
Amorous Now Earrings
Ricielli 2.55 Classic Bag Graff