Ok back to work but still had fun with this look.  Finesmith's new group gift is fantastic! This piercing is so different and highly detailed with gems and beads...closeup below. 

I felt glamorous when I put this piercing on so the styling evolved from there...adding the CIA bodysuit that has the wonderful graphic lines and this great fur & necklace combination from sYs. To top it all off...the newest hairstyle from Vanity Hair...this will be my new fav hair.  You may be seeing it ALOT. lol  This hair can go with so many styles...I'm in love with it!

CIA+sYs+Finesmith Finesmith sYs HS

CIA Shape Wear
Damned Eyes34

sYs Majestic [includes fur & necklace]
Caroline's Jewelry Gunmetal & Diamonds Earrings [comes with a necklace-not shown]
Glam Affair Vanity Lips [pack of several colors...vibrant]
Elymode Makeup Gluttony Shadows Cream Full [pack of several colors]
Chelle Eyeshadow Look Of Love [pack of several colors]

Vanity Hair The Potion Jet Black
Finesmith Externalized Bridge Piercing *Group Gift*

Kosh No Alpha Lashes V4
Virtual Insanity Dark Magic Sharp Claws Black
Eskimo Sharp Black Eyeliner