Midnight Tale

The moon tells a tale
But only few listen
She tells it to the water
As it silently glistens
She tells it to the trees
Rustling gently
She tells it to the wind
Blowing soft and quietly
She tells this tale
But few humans listen
They do not even try to listen
The moon speaks of peace
But people ignore
To consumed with hatred
To consumed with war
They live their lives empty
Their souls full of shade
To busy being ignorant
To look up in the dark
Zibska Corvo
There are some people who let their souls fly
Clear up to the clouds
To listen to the tale in the sky
These people forgot their hatred
Forgot all their fear
They are full of life
The meaning is so clear
But there are so many others
Whose souls just wither and die
They can’t find forgiveness
And may never know why
All they would have to do is turn their head up high
And listen
Just listen
To the moon in the sky

Zibska - Corvo *NEW*

Other credits:
Sn@tch - Jemma Earrings Abalone Purple
Amacci Hair - Pythia Onyx
Redgrave - Eyelashes 28 Cleopatra
Belleza - Leila Arcade 2 RARE *THE ARCADE*