Designer Warehouse News

Designer Warehouse started a new rotation.  I'm running a bit behind....but there is still time to go.  Here are 3 out of the 6 furniture designers that have new exclusive items available only at the Designer Warehouse until October 3.

Cleo Design - Tara Livingroom Set

Other credits:
Apple Fall - Spring Cabin
Heart Gardens - Oak Tall Summer
Varriale Designs - Plant 6

Warm Animations - Beach Set
[3 female solos, 3 male solos and 3 couples]

Other credits:
UrbanizeD - Deco Art Summer Loving A - Limited Edition *store cosed*
Heart Gardens - Tropical - banana, fern & hostas
barnesworth Anubis - atherwood home

DesignerWarehouse-Sleepy Hollow Farms
Sleepy Hollow Farms - Autumn Leaves Kitchen

Other credits:
barnesworth Anubis - atherwood home