Lost Island of Tane

These Tiki Huts were released for a discounted event that ended Aug 28, but the Lost Island of Tane packs will continue to be 50% off  until Sept 20th at the mainstore.  There will also be some packs from an older series at 60% off.

Only showing you 2 of the huts because I wanted to get these posted before time runs out for the sale but there are more items in each set and will list what is included with each hut below.  There are also 3 other sets in this series...all really great....definitely must haves! :))
Circa Lost Island of Tane
CIRCA - Lost Island of Tane Main Tiki Hut Set
[hut on left - includes slide curtain, hammock w/ 12 animations, 4 firepits (1 large & small with dances), 2 tiki god totems & 2 collared lizards, 12 various plants & extra mask for decorating]
CIRCA - Lost Island of Tane Warrior Tiki Hut Set
[hut on right - includes tiki hut w/ phantom curtain, 2 firepits (1 set with dances), 1 collared lizard & 6 plants]

Other credits:
Heart Gardens - tropical plants and mossy rocks
[too many to list but plants are in the tropical section]