What's Up Pussycat

Blueberry made super cute cat chairs for The 24 event...that's what's up!  I adore these and sure you will too :))  They have singles and couples poses.

Also Lisp has 2 sets of lamps out for Fifty Linden Fridays and What Next has new rugs from with really great texture change options.  More notes below...
Blueberry - Mesh Cat Chair Little Kitten Beige Brown *THE 24*
Blueberry - Mesh Cat Chair Little Kitten Stripes RARE *THE 24*
[the chairs are gatcha items and 7 color/textures available]
LISP - Mesh Silver Linings Lamp Beige *FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY*
[includes 2 lamps w/ 2 texture/sets available]
{what next} - Farnham Rug
[7 rugs sold individually each w/4 texture options]

Other credits:
(left  to right-most accessories are from any one of the past arcade events)
Little House of Curios - Factory Cart Table
floorplan - gumball machine black
{what next} - Tulip
[unlinked the vase and flowers from a lemonade tray]
MudHoney - Little Birdy
Scarlet Creative Mesh - My Modular Shelf Individual 1
Scarlet Creative Mesh - My Modular Shelf Individual 2
tres blah - Tea Time Tin with Flowers
The Loft - Art Print poly Surface Shape 4
MudHoney - Oversized Marigold in Vase
[I think this is unlinked from a set]
Commoner - Scrabble Wall Art Shine
{what next} - Cornwall Daisies Planter green
tres blah - Pastry Mania Pastry Puffs
{what next} - Rohan Pallet Shelf
Second Spaces - Scraps table natural with red/green/blue
tres blah - Tea Time Tray of Macarons
LISP - Mesh Charlotte Home Lemon Tea Tray
[modified...cup & saucer invisible]
tres blah - Tea Time Stacked Cups
Nylon Outfitters - Doll Head Vase Nippy
LISP - Vintage TV