Warm @ The 24

I was excited when I saw this set....I think Tetris is my all time fave game!  I wanted to get the full experience of materials so I downloaded the new LL viewer hoping I could get a decent pic because I've not had good luck with LL viewers in the past.  I think the results are pretty good.

I grouped together the various Tetris pieces to make a chandelier, end table and a flower vase.  Also fashioned a coffee table with the Brick Game adding Tetris pieces for legs.  Nothing to hard.  Being able to see materials really made all the pieces come to life...I'm gobsmacked.

Warm 24
*Warm Animations is in the yellow section*
Twister Game Rug w/ animations
Rubick's Cube Game Armchair and Couch w/couple & singles animations
Brick Game
Tetris 3d Pieces