Zibska + ZP Carnival

One of Zibska's new releases is Penelope...made me want to be in nature. This outfit is very organic in shape with leafy branches.  Love the bodysuit which has a zipper front and an ombre texture with eggplant/plum and green/gold colors.

I've added some really cool makeup items you can find at the ZombiePopcorn Carnival.
Zibska Penelope + ZP Carnival

Zibska+ZP Carnival HS (raw)
Zibska Penelope *NEW*
Zibska Onek Deux Earring & Necklace set *NEWish* [texture change]
PMD - Darkside 2 *ZP CARNIVAL* [pack of 6 tattoos]
Sweet Antidote -  carnival make-up green *ZP CARNIVAL* [4 color variations available]
KOSH- Sucky Lips Bordeaux *NEWish* [pack of 10 deep tones]
AZOURY- Ballerine Mahonia