Rainbow Fun!

Last day of the carnival and here's some rainbow fun :)

ZP Carnival Mix3 ZP Carnival Mix3_1

RezIpsa Loc - Ombre Tights Bloody Black
bubble - Lilac Star Ruffly Top - MED
SAKIDE - Studded Leather Sandals Black
Sweet Antidote Rainbow - make-up - colors A
Focus Poses - Carnival Pack 1[includes 9 poses and 2 balloon attachment options]
Weather! or not? Rainbow Spewer [hud has sounds, tattoos & splash.  Transfer items to the spewee they wear and SPLAT lol] [Rue - Painted/Rainbow Drool & Splash (target)Acrylic included w/ Rainbow Spewer]

Discord Designs - Stampede Pillarbox Red
Belleza - Lily V1 SK 0