What Lurks Beneath....

Zombie sealife and she patiently awaits more unknowing snacks to slip through the carnival boardwalk cracks :)  2 days left to get to the ZombiePopcorn Carnival!

ZPCarnival Mix

Quarantine - Shimmering Mesh Mermaid - Gold [4 colors avaialable and one is a group gift at Quarantines mainstore]
Fallen Gods Inc - Skin - Rotten Grin SB [a FUN skin...5 levels of decay included in pack]
Repulse - Open Chest Wound Tattoo 2 [tattoo and all clothing layers included]
Repulse - Venom Eyes Blue Sclera [not exclusive but available at the carnival]

Other Credits:
Vanity Hair - Smoking Room-Bordeaux
Fantasia - Naiad Scales Tattoo Gold [from fantasy fair]
Rue - Manes TheHungryDeep Mariana [past crazy hair hunt]
Virtual/Insanity Kitty Galore Sharp Claws