Home & Garden Expo 3

Designer Prims has 3 amazing exclusives at Home Expo.  I'm really impressed with these 2 homes....so many options.  The furniture, feature walls, floors and even the accessories are texture/color change to customize your home to your liking.  Also has window, shutter, and locks.  I love options and these homes have many.  They also have a skybox exclusive.

Again, showing you the Weather! or not? Moonflounder in horizontal version...thought the pool was a perfect place for it.  Has 3 animations, swing feet, sunbathing and cuddle. 

Designer Prims A Place Less Ordinary *Exclusive*

Weather! or not? Moonflounder (horizontal), with Moonflounder Milky Way Aura prim *Exclusive*
HomeGarden Expo 3

I changed up the textures on this cute beach house...really love it.  It called 'Little' but it feels roomy.

Designer Prims Little Beach House *Exclusive*HomeGardenExpo3.1

If you're not aware, LeeZu has amazing items for the home and she has 2 exclusives for the Expo.  LeeZu's shop at expo has other great furniture items and I couldn't resist this area rug.

The rest of the furniture & accessories are from the furniture pack for the Little Beach House.

LeeZu! Studio Ring Table Lamp Mesh RFL *Exclusive*

LeeZu! Twiggy Bowl Mesh RFL *Exclusive*

LeeZu! Studio Fur Carpet