Blueberry+LaGyo+Vive9 - New

Blueberry is realeasing new items left and right...this is my next fav...super cute hankerchief style dress with an ombre texture that is great for a casual walk in the park.  It is available in 5 ombre style colors and 5 colors with floral border.  But the one I'm wearing is the group get on over there! If you haven't tried the clothes from this shop this is your opportunity to get the gift so you can see how great it is.

Added some other new pieces...amazing LaGyo headpiece from Culture Shock, Vive9 hair & Yummy feather necklace from Collabor88.


Blueberry Seaside – Mesh Dress Blue *NEW GROUP GIFT*
LaGyo - Wisteria Headpiece *CULTURE SHOCK*
Sigma Jewels - Chantal Necklace OrangeBeige/Silver *CULTURE SHOCK*
Yummy - Featherweight Necklace *COLLABOR88*
Vive Nine - Dreamcatcher In Noir *COLLABOR88*
Sigma Jewels - Danae Bracelet Teal/Silver *ASHRAYA PROJECT* [think this is where I got it.. if not there… it was Culture]
Candy Nail - Clear Glitter French Orange
Earthstones - Gimme Those Wood Bangles Neutral Brass
Kosh - Tree Of Life Necklace
Maitreya - Skinny Jeans #07
Maitreya Gold - Ixkin Sienna
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