Drafted Hunt!

Drafted Hunt Starts tomorrow  (5.20.12) and it has some great items!

Drafted Hunt 2

Zibska - YNW Army Red & Astarte Boot Ostrich
ILAYA - Mustache, Monocle & Pose drafted hunt 1 [set includes 4 poses]
Dark Mint - BMR 600 [the tank thingy behind me :)]

LOULOU&CO - Earrings NORA Emerald

Other Credits
Miss Shippe's Studio - Weep for the World Freckles
Dura - Boys&Girls 21Dark Brown
Goth1c0 - Leather Gloves Green

Drafted Hunt 3
Raw shot of these great new Mayfly eyes...perfect with camo :)

SAKIDE - Army Girl [includes a 2 pant pant colors, stockings, several clothing layers & corset sizes, boots with/without socks]
Flaunt - Military Fetish Sleeves Tattoo
Dark Mint - BMR 600 [the tank thingy behind me :)]

Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes Bronze w3

Other Credits
VCD - Express Yourself Collection Style 2 Soil
PMD - Fade 2 Tattoo Nuuna - Zion Gray tat. [tinted]
Scrub Spyked Multicolor Nails [color/texture change-used lime green]
[sYs] ALTAIS - bracelets black
Glam Affair - Linn  Darkness D