Heart of the Home

Finishing Touches - Pumpkin Pie Kitchen Collection *DESIGNER WAREHOUSE-until Nov 28*
[includes: Kitchen Island, Stools for female & male, Hutch, stacked hat boxes, wall quilt, small table and accessories (wearables/props).  Also many animations for sits, couple and baking.]
CIRCA - Autumn's Eve Leafy Candles & Pumpkin Decor Orange
LISP - Woodcutter Cloche Lantern 1

Cleo Design - @ Kitchen *DESIGNER WAREHOUSE-until Nov 28*
[include island (5 animations/texture change), breakfast items, stools (13 animations/texture change), armchairs (20 sit animations)]

Sleepy Hollow Farms - Winter Kitchen *DESIGNER WAREHOUSE-until Nov 28*
[includes all shown and a few more counter & accessory pieces that didn't fit]

Houses used
Thistle - Coastal Cottage
Trompe Loeil - Frostbite Cottage Gray V2