Dreams Way

AD Creations designed this beautiful dress for the “Dreams Way” project.  This is a charity event created to help Brigadoon Explorers and Dreams Foundations, which are active in organizing various activities for people affected by A/S and autism.  Further information about these Foundations can be found here.

A striking dress calls for striking jewelry...Finesmith's latest release Geula...available in gold and silver. More notes below...

AD Dreams Way
AD Creations - Dreams Way top *DREAMS WAY-NOV 11-30*
Finesmith - Geula Necklace & Earrings
[set includes: earrings, necklace, nose ring (not shown) & bracelet (not shown]

Other credits:
Zibska - Eyeshadow Verene Coal
Kosh - Slink AV Enhancement Glossy Nails #2
mock - Opal Lipcolor Dusty Grey [Lip 1]
Amacci Hair - Nami Onyx
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Mouse
Belleza- Ava Sk 0


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