Together For Sway

The fundraiser continues and here are a few home/holiday items.


Together for Sway2 Collage
Funky Junk - Noelle Cottage [In love with this house! include decorated (shown) or plain]
Sway's Angel [Heart] blond/red large [includes angels with blond & brown hair color, 3 sizes ea & 2 colors in each set.]
Sway's Angel [Sign] brunette/yellow medium
Sway's Angel [Star] brunette/purple - small
Thistle - Hope  Never Give Up Wall Art
Thistle - Santa Wall Art [set of 3]

Together for Sway3 Collage 1024
MudHoney Priya Chair (Mauve)
Zinnias Retro Glam Pink Phone Table
Scarlet Apple - Hanging Bulbs Pendant Light

LISP - Posh Skulls Sofa - Sit for Anims
%Percent - TelephoneFlat (SwayBlue-Exclusive Color)
%Percent - TelephoneRound (SwayBlue-Exclusive Color)
%Percent - BoundCabinet (Spring4d-L)
%Percent - BoundCoffeeTable (Spring-L)
%Percent - BoundCabinet (Spring2d-L)
Apple Fall - Let's Play Scrabble