The Warmth of Home @ Christmas Expo

The Christmas Expo has tons of great home items...sharing just a few with you today.

Also, there are many activities going on at Expo.  One of which is a Christmas Expo Raffle that is located at the Raffle building on Xmas Expo 2.  It's only L$100 each or 3 for L$250 to enter. I encourage you to hop over and check out all the great prizes donated this year.  You don't need to be present to win and ALL proceeds from the raffle go to Relay For Life/American Cancer Society!

Please check the Christmas Expo Blog for more details on this and other activities.  Expo ends December 19.

Expo Sim 1    Expo Sim 2    Expo Sim 3    Expo Sim 4    Expo Sim 5


Black Tulip - Forest Cottage V2 [nice shelving unites and colored walls]
CIRCA - Cane Reindeer - Holiday Stance [cute! reindeer decorated with ornaments, bell necklace & has a candy cane in its mouth :))]
CIRCA - Festive Pinecone Strand [these come in the lengths shown & color variation of white & brown.]
CIRCA - West-End Holiday Wreath [decorated with candle, pinecones & fruit...really pretty]
CIRCA - West-End Holiday Basket [basket has candle, fruit, pinecones & gold stars in it]
Hanaya - Mesh On Frozen Pond Picnic Table [includes hot chocolate mug & has snowball giver to pelt your friends with..woot!]
Hanaya - Wintery Driftwood Birdbath [just love the natural look of this and can't say enough I LOVE birds lol]

Katie's Kreations - Mesh Ruby Fireplace 2 RFL Special Edition
Katie's Kreations - Snuggly Armchair RFL Special Edition
Katie's Kreations - Snuggly Tray table & Accessories [accessories are coffee pot, cup & muffin]
Hanaya - Old Fashioned Christmas Tree [tree skirt & angel are texture change]

PRIME Christmas Fireplace [click fire on/off & there are seats on each side of the fireplace with 4 animations]
PRIME Xmas Chair [4 sits and one with auto rez guitar to play :)]
PRIME Teddy Giftbox

Park Place - Blue Upholstered Chair Set [includes chair, table, plate of cookies, cup & lamp]
Beach Street - home sweet home frame
Beach Street - holiday cookie jar 1
Hanaya - Old Fashioned Christmas Tree [tree skirt & angel are texture change]