Four More Days...

Four more days until December 21, 2012....when the Mayan calendar ends and the so-called end of the world.  Are you ready?  Well I know I'm do what I do every day and that is log onto SL, style clothes, then blog them. lol  So tune in on December 22, 2012...same bat-time, same bat-channel....I will be here.  But in the meantime...check out the cool stuff at the End of the World Fair!

End of the World Fair2
Anatomy - Gas Mask [modified - tinted to match outfit.  originally bright yellow]
Nya's Shop - Exclisiv Outfit [includes scarf, skirt, jacket, sweater & boots]
Pomposity - Flying Saucer Ring [includes left & right attachment points. click on ring for color change menu]

Other credits:
ContraptioN - Hooligan Horns *Twisted Krissmuss*
ContraptioN - Official's Goggles Hooligan *Twisted Krissmuss*
RezIpsa Loc - Tights Fudge Brown
LeLutka - Ariel Hair AlmostGoth