Spa Day

Spa Day
[CIRCA] - "BAJA SUN" - Beach Lounger - Mediterran
[6 lounger options available, each having a variety of texture/wood options]

Other credits:
[CIRCA] - "Aziza" Hanging Fern Basket (med)
[CIRCA] - Costa Celeste Side Stand with Vase Aqua/Brown
{what next} Summer Garden Planter
Aria - Gretchen vintage rug cream
Aria - Arlette decorative cheese platter
Fuubutsu Dou - Lotus Lantern Floating v2
Heart Gardens - Ivy Group 1 Summer
junk - oddity vases earth [no LM found]
Lunaria - Cherry Blossom Sparkles
Minimal - Masia Skybox
[K]risti's Closet - Spa Collection
[wearing complete set]