Story Time

Story Time
Tayren's Fantasy Fashions - Winter Frolic Fairy Silver
[available in 5 colors. includes: dress, wings (tintable), white hair (tintable), eyeshadow, headpiece (not shown) & ice skates (not shown)]
Ilyra's - Winter Magic Wall-Mounted Shelves & Table
Ilyra's  - Whisper - Tabletop Art

I adored all the little creatures and there are more items by this artist that I couldn't squeeze in.
Silas Merlin
   Fiura [left/front-pushing storybook table]
   Fiura Hungry [center-by storybook table leg hunting for dog food :)]
   Fiura sitting [center-with staff by mushroom tree]
   Candlestick 2
   Skull staff [back/left-by table in vase]
   Pioneer painted V2 Jade [back/center-figurine on table]
   Fiura stool [right/front-red stool]
   Dagger [center-page holder on story book]
The Silas Gallery - Gacha items
   Storybook 4 Toadstool RARE [left-red mushroom with fairy on it]
   Storybook 6 - Hunter [back/left-with bow & arrow]
   Storybook 3 - Watcher [right/back-sitting on white mushroom]
   Storybook 8 - The Hermit and the City [storybook/table-gives note-card w/story when touched]
   Storybook 7 - Enchanter [right/front sitting on rock]

other credits:
Eclectica - elf ears
la petite morte - india f1 NB
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 Casual
Botanical - Firefly Emitter V2.1
Dysfunctional Designs - Forest Away Sitting Stump
HappyMood - Lamp flower 2
HappyMood - Lamp bottle - G1(flower)
Zigana - Winter grass 20x20 2