Silver-White Winters

Silver-White Winters
Black Rose Designs - Monica Corset Dress Isis
[hud w/ 18 color options for dress & lacing and 3 metals for eyelets]
Zibska - Mairsile Collar & Earrings *TRES CHIC*
[set includes hud with 30 color options]
Blueberry - Cupcake Boots Thick Heels Isis *25% OFF Until New Year*
[hud w/ 24 color change options for boot, laces, heels & soles]

Other credits:
Belleza - Claudia Fair 0 Bk
Belleza - Isis
KoKoLoReS Hair - Blaine
Swallow - Ears Elf
Eternal Dream Pose - Simply Sits 02
Divias Design - Cuddle Campfire Winter
Little Branch - Weeping Willow V2