* NEW*
Scarlet Creative - Safari Bed Plain *COLLABOR88*
What Next - Maison Table Lamp Dark Trim *FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAYS*
[3 base trim options included: dark brown wood, brass & white. Each has 11 shade and 6 base color change options (4 base options for the white trim version). An optional wall plug/cord decor is also included]
What Next - Maison Drapes Long Length *FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAYS*
[Includes 2 versions a longer and a shorter length. 11 fabric color options and 4 rod options (white/brass/dark wood/iron)]
The Loft - Mara Side Table *COLLABOR88*
The Loft - Linen Trim Rug Brown *COLLABOR88*
22769 bauwerk - Fan Palm Decoration *THE GARDEN*

Other credits:
Circa - Swept Away Grunge Wall Art
Scarlet Creative - The Trilby Dacha Mesh Prefab
Junk - Wannabe Boho Studded Chest
MudHoney - Madagascar Basket
Glow Studio - Leo Slipper [OLD...old...old-past TDR special]