Black & White

A new rotation of The Challenge for Builders will begin on the July 31 and the theme for August is Black & White.  Really some gorgeous stuff the designers have created for you.  More notes below...
TheChallenge B&W
The Challenge B&W Collage

Seating area:
hate this - mesh  the ivory room
[includes: skybox, 4 rug options (brocade shown), wall panel texture (I tinted the panel and used plain texture...comes with circuit texture), storage boxes, materials & no materials version]
22769 [bauwerk] - THE CHALLENGE The Chesterfield white
[sofa with 15 single / 9 couple animations. materials included]
22769 [bauwerk] - THE CHALLENGE Monochrome Couch Table
[4 shown...includes table with or without books/magazines and individual books/magazines decor separate]
22769  [bauwerk] - THE CHALLENGE Floorlamp

22769 [bauwerk] - Minimalist Bed white
[available in adult & PG version.  also available as a set that includes: bed, floorlamp, couch table, leather stool & black drapes]
22769 [bauwerk] - Leather Stool white
[shown at foot of bed]
22769 [bauwerk] - Long Black Drapes
[2 drapes on pole. I used 3 for the canopy on the bed]
Dysfunctional Designs - Glass Top Sand-Filled Table Black
[also in white & gray]
Dysfunctional Designs - Blossom Vase B/W
[also black vase with white branches]

On Shelf:
hate this - storage box 1 photos & storage box 2 stuff
hate this - storage boxes
[includes boxes grouped or separate]

{what next} - Row of Books  A Decorated
{what next} - Row of Books  B Decorated
[shown on bookshelf]

Kuro - Donna's box top
[includes 2 box versions and also pieces separated so use as medallions on the drapes.  Love this box]
Kuro - Donna's box 1
[shown on bookshelf]

This is a new shop to me and they have many nice pieces and tons of great deals at this shop.  I definitely encourage you to visit this shop.  Furniture/décor for all rooms in styles from country to contemporary.
Modern Holes Vase 1
[centered on couch tables]
Polished Spheres Decore (B) Grey Wood Bowl 1
[bowl of spheres on couch table]
Asian Inspirations Apricot Blossom 3D Panels Fine Art 1
[shown over bed. love these panels...there are blossom branches actually coming out of the panel]
Silver Leaves Rug
[shown under bed]

UrbanizeD - Mini Garden "Dino Egg" - Neutral *store closed*
floorplan. typewriter gacha / black
POST: Haarlem Deco Vase with Calla Lilies