Lavendar Hill

The Lavender Hill hunt is the third hunt organized by Monochrome Hunts and based on a monochrome color palette.  For this round the color palette is tones of lavender.

The hunt runs until March 10 and each gift cost a L$5.  Please note link below to visit the Monochrome Hunts blog to see all hunt items and SLurls.

Lavender Hill Hunt1 collage
*LAVENDAR HILL HUNT - Ends March 10*
Leri Miles Designs - Fae Sweater S Wildflowers
[includes 2 striped sweaters in Wildflowers (shown) and Seafoam colors]
CIRCA - Lavender Hill Shadow Box Table Violet Short
[middle pic has a sample of the scene in this table...just love these little scenes and butterflies flying]
CIRCA - Lavender Hill Sit Pouffe Violet
[12 sit animations]
CIRCA - Lavender Hill Shadow Box Table Violet Tall
[bottom pic is a sample of the scene...just love that little well and the butterflies...there's also a little bird on the hill...super cute.]
Breno - Bunny Chair [
7 sit animations]

Other credits
Truth - Nydia Espresso *NEW*
Maitreya - Skinny Jeans  #04
Maitreya Gold - Bare Foot Tip-Toe
Rustica - Giant Grass Patch Forest 1
Zigana - Daisy Love grass patch
Scarlet Creative - For Absencen Shell