Global Domination in Two Days!

Global Domination

Are you ready to dominate the globe?  Put your thinking caps on and strap in for an exciting ride around the world!  The Hottie Cooterati Experience will lead you through a dynamic and interactive mission to conquer others in their quest for gifts and glory.  This assignment won’t be easy or simple, so you’d better come prepared.

Global Domination will lead you through a series of challenging puzzles themed to various countries and cultures around the globe.   Each puzzle will be demanding and challenging.  The entire process should provide for hours of entertainment with great rewards!

Global Domination will be pay-to-play. You will need to a purchase a Passport HUD that will track your progress through the puzzle by giving you a stamp for each puzzle solved. Only those with filled up Passports will have access to the prizes!  [note: The HUD is a lower price if you purchase ahead of time and some of the following stores are offering additional incentive if you purchase the Passport HUD from their store in advance.]

For complete details visit The Hottie Cooterati Experience website.

Following are the participating stores that created brand new, amazing items to offer as a gift to those who solve the puzzle!

Adorkable Poses
Alice Project
Apple Fall
Cracked Mirror
Indyra Originals
Maxi Gossamer
The Loft
Trompe Loeil