Zodiac, The Outlet & Cinema

In a rush to get this posted so quick notes follow:
  • Zodiac Libra ends today....so hurry
  • The Outlet started a new rotation that runs until Nov 1.
  • Cinema began runs until Oct 31.

DCNY_Libra Dress_Midnight/Sky
Conspiracy Theory & Exposeur - Painting Pictures [10 poses, Paintbrush & Palette included]

MudHoney - Emma Chair [colors available teal, chocolate & ruby...all are shown]
Trompe Loeil - NYC66 Artichoke Lamp Silver medium [has light you can turn on and off]

Apple Fall - Japanese Rug

Other credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Truth - Stevie Espresso
LISP - Anna Coffee Table - Brown
(NO) Doll Head Vase - Cherry
MudHoney Basket Plant

Solange! - Balance Lingerie Rose/Teal

Vanity Hair - Midnight Oasis-Soil

[glow] studio - Day Dream earring (gold) R

Other credits *STORE SLurl PAGE*
ALB EMILIA - headpiece headband by AnaLee
erratic - cuff gold
Belleza - Shyla Sk 6