The SWAG Fest Revisited

The SWAG Fest continues until Oct much goodness there.  Two weeks of jury duty put me so far behind but I wanted to revisit this event to show you a bit more and encourage you to go.

Swag Fest 4
Cynful - Dutchy's Tanktard Black
Zentro - Urban unisex tattoo 2 (TSF exclusive) [3 exclusives available]
Stained Mesh Clothing - Swag Black Sweat Mesh Baggies [available in many sweat and jean colors]
Paperbag - Collegiate Cardigan Plain White [available in many colors plain or striped]
Shock - Spikes & Skull Belly Piercings [really cool piercing...can't tell in the pic but there is a chain with a skull dangling from it]

Other: *see Store SLurl Page above*
Truth - Tisha - espresso
Deco - Trail Boot - Black & White Suede