Lovin' It!

Blueberry+FOTA h.m.a.e.m.+MG
Blueberry Nikki *Mesh* Coat *NEW*   [available in 7 colors]
h.m.a.e.m. - glasses fairy tales *FAIREST OF THEM ALL HUNT* [Cute! has roses in varying colors from dark to light pink & trainling ivy]
MG - Necklace - LoveBug - Medium *COLLABOR88* [Gorgeous...I love bugs! includes: 3 necklace lengths, gold & silver tones, 12 jewel colors/combinations, can also change the texture gold or silver on the bug seperately.]
BENT! - ONE. Simply Affected by a pebble [rerelease available at the Retreat /7 poses]

Other credits: *STORE SLurl PAGE*
Ingenue - Edie Sweater Merlol
Riddle - Cozy Tights Red #1
GField - Mesh Lace-up Boots Gina Black
Emery - Gloves Denis Burgundy
Belleza - Shy/Betty SK lips 1
Zenith - Cherry Ostrich Leather Bag [past event-Vintage Fair]
Truth - Briony Espresso
Belleza- Shyla Sk 4