ZombiePopcorn Hunt 6 - Starts Feb 1!

Are you ready to HUNT!!!  I love hunts that's no secret and the ZombiePopcorn Hunt is one of my favs...great group of designers with great imagination!  Here's a sneak peak.

ZombiePopcorn Hunt FB ZombiePopcorn Hunt HS

ZP Hunt 6
Sassy! Modesty Dress Teal
U.F.O Skull Eat My Pants
Je Suis Aimee Necklace Short [texture change hearts, metal and string...lots of options]
NHA! Earrings Alisha
Weather! or Not? Worn Jester Chair Gold

Azoury Shining Ballerinas
Boon KGI848 Hair Blueblack
Virtual Insanity Dark Magic Sharp Claws
These were a ZP hunt or group gifts for the last hunt.
ZP Hunt 5 Filthy Skin
ZP Hunt 5 Instinct Eyes
ZP Hunt 5 AQ Face Tattoos Through Broken
ZP Hunt 5 Shoulder Buddy