ZombiePopcorn and Collabor88

Everybody (everybody, rock your body)
Rock your body right (everybody)
Backstreet's back, alright!

A comfy day in Cindy's hood. lol  Dropped a new house and decorating so put on Quarantine's Boy Band shirt that is available at the ZombiePopcorn Brand Store.  It's a pack with BSB (shown), Color Me Bad, NKOTB & Nsync.

I was so happy to see 2 of my fav furniture stores at Collabor88 this past weekend.  I was jumping up and down when I saw Lisp's shabby piano and Cheeky Pea's reading corner.  I love comfy spaces to just chill and listen to music.  The reading corner comes with more than you see here...the piano is sold in a pack with several colors in a shabby style and traditional wood styles..you must go and see the other options available.   Can't beat 88L for the full sets.


Quarantine BSB Boy Band Top Grey *ZombiePopcorn Brand Store*
Sakide Whatever But Classy Shorts Black *Whatever Hunt*
Cheeky Pea Vita's Holiday Reading Corner *Collabor88*
Lisp Bazaar Piano w/ sits  Shabby Wood  Yellow (with music) *Collabor88*
LoQ Hair Baby Love  Black
Mandala Milky Way Choker
Philo Tri Bracelet