BoHo HoBo Ponchos & Jewelry

Boho Hobo was opened to raise money for RAWA, The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.  All proceeds from BoHo HoBo go to RAWA.  RAWA is an organization of local Afghan women who work to rebuild Afghanistan bringing women's rights, democracy and social justice. They have opened schools, orphanages, literacy programs, clinics and have started income generating projects within Afghanistan and refugee camps in Pakistan.

So I'm more than pleased to post these new releases.  The ponchos and tribal jewelry have wonderful textures that are vibrant and very detailed. There was minimal editing because i wanted you to see just how great these look.  I'm also wearing the Boho Hobo Jeans they are just as awesome. :)
Left:  Embroidered Aphghan Poncho & Yakta Jewelry Set
Right:  Pashtun Poncho & Arnaghan Jewelry Set

**Please note I had an inworld issue so the fringe is more detailed...the gold fringe below is how the fringe looks.
Left:  Blue and Red Pashtun Poncho & Khativa Jewelry Set
Right:  Missoni Poncho & Delaram Jewelry Set
BoHo HoBo subscriber gift Black poncho
Left: Gulnaz Jewelry Set
Right Fareiba Jewelry Set

In closing....I was thrilled to be a part of the Boho Hobo fashion show last month and these are the outfits I wore.  So along with the new releases above I wanted to include these items that are sold as seperates. The skin designer featured is Ello Poppet.
Boho Hobo Fusion Show
BoHo HoBo     Cutoffs with fringes (shorts), Pinstripe jacket, Bandeau Top, Flowerpower Tights
Ello Poppet Blush Skin
Discord Designs Eris Hair (Black)
Boho Baku Red natural stone pendant
Zaara Melange Earring - red
[N] moccasins – black (marketplace)

BoHo HoBo     harem top (black), Leather Jacket (black)*Recent Release*, Kuchi Boho skirt, Sandal (black)
Discord Designs Niobe Hair (Black)
Miel - Friendo necklace
Zaara Kashiti Bobble Ring Turquoise
Zaara Melange Earrings Purple
Ello Puppet Blush Skin

BoHo HoBo     Bandeau top (emerald), Microfibre Vest w/texture change menu, Harem pants,
                         Bandeau top (emerald)
Ello Poppet Blush Skin
Discord Designs Ariadne Hair (Black)
Amorous Suspend Abalone Bronze Earrings & Necklace (marketplace)
Zaara Nizam Bangles Pink