Azoury La Tenue Calao and Dahlia

Two new releases from Azoury Calao and Dahlia.

Love the retro feel of Calao as well as the pattern play on the dress and tights of Calao.

Dress: black & white, black & blue, green & brown
Tights: grey, blue, red and green
Belt : silver, grey, red, orange, pink, blue and yellow
Boots : black & grey, black & pink, black & blue, black & brown, black  & green and black & red
Azoury La Tenue Calao
Azoury La Tenue Calao
Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails
LaGyo Coraline ring copper
Love Soul Hair071 Jet Black

Dahlia was released today.  You will feel sexy and in charge in this outfit.

Shirt:  black, blue, brown, red and orange
Short: violet, red, brown and blue
Legging: black, brown, red and blue
Boots: red,blue, yellow, orange, green and pink
Azoury La Tenue Dahlia
Azoury la Tenue Dahlia
Immerschoen Girl - Leather Gloves 'Short' (Black)
esk-imo Lipgloss 3 Black
Mia Snow Red eyeshadow
Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails Red04
Osakki Flat Disk Earring - Steel
Vanity Hair:Diva HP-Soil