The Royal Tea Party Hunt

For my first blog I wanted it to be about hunt finds.  I love hunts and especially visiting stores I've not been to before.  Following are some of my fav items from The Tea Party Hunt which continues until February 15.


Gown:  Coull Creations-Touch of Wonder (#46)
Jewelry:  ODB Necklace & Bracelet (#18)
Skin:  Gehenna-TeaParty (#3)

Items not from hunt
Hair:  Mirone
Pose:  Di's Opera


Dress:  The Delectible Doll-Queenie (#36)
Skin:  Misera-Crimson Smoke (#45)

Items not from hunt
Pose:  Di's Opera


Outfit:  Divalicious-Mizu (#28)
Skin:  Gehenna-Miley1 (#2)

Items not from hunt
Pose:  Di's Opera

This is a new medium for me...I hope as I take this creative journey that it will be of interterest and the information of use. :)