In Flight

In Flight
Zibska - Siran outfit
[7 fitmesh (TMP/Maitreya/Venus/Isis/Freya/Physique/Hourglass), dark & light attachments and butterfly orbits.]

Haysuriza - Eyewear Polygonal Petals
Zibska - Amaterasu Earrings
[part of a set that includes collar, necklace, earrings and pasties. available in both full 20 color change  version for main/accent/beads and 4 single color versions]

KC Couture - Marith Strappy Heel
[hud w/ 45 color change options for 6 sections & 5 metals for zipper]

other credits:
Belleza - Claudia SK 0 No Brow
Belleza - Isis
Zibska - Kiki Hair
Clemmm - Sakura Petal Lip Blush
Vibe Poses - ATRC 1201 mirror