Resting Place

Bloggers were given a variety of challenges for this faire and I selected My New Shiny.  The challenge is to find a shop in the Fairelands I have never heard of before and blog something of theirs that you love.

So many things I wanted to showcase but selected the following.  All are new shops for me and felt they fit perfectly together.  Love the lamps on the stone platform..upper torso with hand grasping the pink light/orb.  I have a fascination with trees so had to add the festive trees and stump.  The stump has still or animated (face moves) options included.  The crystal and little fairy add a bit of sparkle and whimsy.
Resting Place
Dogg Mata - Splitting Headache *EGREGORE*
HarshLands - Festive Tree *RAVEN'S PERCH*
Lantian Flox - LifeCrystal Cluster - Spirit RFL MCt *EGREGORE*
Bad Katz - Sitting Fairy 1 *FALLEN SANDS*
Anteater Emporium - Hallowed Stump Medium *THE SPIRIT POOL*