Kunglers Extra - Melita necklace Silver/obsidian *ON9*
[available in 5 gem/metal color options]
BluPrintz - Regina Black *HAIR FAIR-NOIRETTE SIM*
[this has a low rolled bun in the back. available in 6 hair colors]
La Petite Morte - Ashley T4 *INDIE TEEPEE*
[available in 8 skin tones, with/without brows & cleavage]
22769 bauwerk - Elysium Chair *ONEWORD-ANGEL-ENDS JULY 15*
[used one of the variety of animated sits]
Bella Elephante - Angel Nails *ONEWORD-ANGEL-ENDS JULY 15*

Other credits:
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet High
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 - L Casual/R Gesture