Wishin' & Hopin'

Wishin' & hopin' my RL house will be built soon!  I haven't had time to decorate rooms with little time to be in SL...it's quite time consuming.  But I needed some 'home' therapy today. I've been away because in RL I sold my house I've lived in for 10 years and decided to buy land to build a new one.  It's been a challenging experience to say the least and RL work making life even more so.  But until I'm free once again to play full-time you'll see sporadic posts which are totally for my mental health. lol

So here I wanted a neutral/calming scene with that light of hope. Dreaming of a similar space in my RL home soon. :))

Wishin' & Hopin'
VG - Mia Dress Leather Caramel *COLOR ME PROJECT-BEIGE*
[2 beige colors in denim, leather (shown) & metallic]
Kunglers - Ciri Earrings Copper *ON9*
[5 metals/colors]
Kunglers - Radija Necklace Gold & Wood *WE LOVE ROLE-PLAY*
[5 metals/colors]
Belleza - Amelia SK Makeup 2
[10 makeups available with each including 7 skin tones/bald base, 6 eyebrow options included (black, dark brown, light brown, dark red, light red and blond on tattoo layers), cleavage, hairbases, blush, freckles, matte & gloss lips]
Aria - Signe Living Set *FAMESHED*
[Set includes sofa (color change), shelf (decorated & empty), rug, framed print, coffee tables, floor lamp, potted plant, flowers and decorative books.]

Other credits:
Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands L Gesture/ R Casual
Vanity Hair - The Meadow Soil
Ma Vie - Melody 09 [modified left hand position]